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TReX II offers funding opportunities to TReX II Consortium members through solicitations called Requests for Solutions (RFSs). Active solicitations are listed below. The published Request for Solutions (RFSs), any amendments, and supplementary information can be found under the Solicitations tab of the Members Only website and are the official sources of information regarding the active solicitations.  If you act on information from any source other than these official sources, it is at your own risk.

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Request for Solutions Requirement # Name Release Date Due Date
TReXII-23-01 RED-001 Electronic Warfare Test (EWT) Hardware in-the Loop Test Enhancements (HWILTE) Prototype Project 1/9/2023 2/24/2023
TReXII-23-02 SIM-001 Synthetic Training Environment Live Training System (STE LTS) M320 Counter Defilade Fire (CDF) 1/30/2023 2/17/2023
TReXII-23-03 SIM-002 Synthetic Training Environment Live Training System (STE LTS) Training Edge Device 1/30/2023 2/17/2023
TReXII-23-04 SIM-003 Synthetic Training Environment Live Training System (STE LTS) Ground Combat Vehicle (GCV) Direct Fire 1/30/2023 2/17/2023
TReX II-23-05 EXP-002 Electronic Warfare Test (EWT) 5th Generation Aerial Target (5GAT) 02/23/2023 03/23/2023
TReX II-23-06 MOD-001 Sensor Survival and Operation in Combined Nuclear Environments (SONET) Experiment 03/15/2023 04/14/2023