SolicitationProject TitleMember NameProject ValueAward Date
TReXII-23-01 Dynamic and Adaptive Test Automation Suite (DATAS) MEPSS$2.6MJuly 2023
TReXII-23-01 Intelligent Self-Adaptive Generalized Hardware-in-the-Loop Tester (INSIGHT)Peraton Labs $9.5MJune 2023
TReXII-23-02Synthetic Training Environment Live Training System (STE LTS) M320 Counter Defilade Fire (CDF)Lockheed Martin Corporation$900kApril 2023
TReXII-23-02Synthetic Training Environment Live Training System (STE LTS) Counter Defilade (CDF)General Dynamics Mission Systems, Inc.$4.2MMay 2023
TReXII-23-03ARES Player Unit Radio (PUR) Training Edge Device (TED)Athena-Tek$1.9MApril 2023
TReXII-23-04 Geo-pairing Vehicle Engagement System Ravenswood Solutions, Inc$1.8MJune 2023
TReXII-23-04STE LTS GCV DF Lockheed Martin ProposalLockheed Martin Corp.$3.6MJuly 2023
TReXII-23-04Ground Combat Vehicle (GCV) Direct Fire (DF)General Dynamics Missions Systems, Inc.$5.1MAugust 2023
TReXII-23-07Unified Integration and Transformation Enterprise (UnITE) Prototype ProjectLeidos$900kJuly 2023
TReXII-23-07 Omni Submission for UnITEOmni Federal$900kJuly 2023
TReXII-23-07UnITE Portal Through Power PlatformApplied Information Sciences$600kJuly 2023
Cyber Electromagnetic Activity (CEMA) Hardware-in-the-Loop (HWIL) with Intelligent Laboratory Electromagnetic Effects Emulator (CHILEEE) Geeks and Nerds Corporation$49.4MMay 2023
High Power Microwave (HPM) Ku Band Test Source for White Sands Test Center Survivability VulnerabilitySem-Sol$14.9MMay 2023
TReXII23-04STE LTS Ground Combat Vehicle Direct Fire Cubic Defense Applications$2.5MAugust 2023
TReXII-23-05Electronic Warfare Test (EWT) 5th Generation Aerial TargetSierra Technical Services$77.1MAugust 2023
Mitigating 5G Impact on EW Testing at Military Laboratories Prototype ProjectVerus Research$17.8MSeptember 2023
Distributed Multi-input (D-MIMO) Test PrototypeVirginia Polytechnic Institute$9MSeptember 2023
Beyond 5G Integrated Tactical Communication NetworksRaytheon BBN Technologies$6.5MSeptember 2023
TReXII-23-09Collaborative Defense Prototype ProjectsMettle Ops$29MMarch 2024